ERG 2012 Ebook Now Live in iTunes in Three Languages

ERG 2012 Ebook, Guide des mesures, and Guia de respuesta

See each in iTunes Preview: English, French, Spanish.

Our ERG 2012 ebooks are now available at the iBookstore in three languages: English, Spanish, and French for $3.99.

We’ve been working on our adaptation of the Emergency Response Guidebook for the better part of a year, and we are thrilled to have all three editions accepted into iTunes. Being a five hundred page tome of data and tables, it took a while to pass Apple’s review process, but now it’s out there.

The iTunes version is identical to the version available in other markets, complete with color-coded table of contents and mobile-device-friendly layouts. It works everywhere you can access your iBooks library.

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Our ERG ebook Enters Ver. 2.4 & Limited-Time Price of $0.99!

ERG ebook Table 1

Check out the clean new layout for Table 1!

The ERG 2012: Quick Lookup 2.4

Our unique and mobile-friendly ERG ebook is now in version 2.4. The main update in this version is an improved visual experience for Table 1. In addition there are several small formatting fixes. For the first time we’re also releasing the ebook in the iTunes Bookstore in addition to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. [Link to iTunes forthcoming.]

This ERG ebook is a faithful reproduction of the data included in the DOT/PHMSA publication with the added value of hyperlinks for easy navigation, an intuitive visual experience, and compatibility with most mobile devices. You can read our product page for more details or visit any of the stores listed above.

First Release of the French GMU2012

With release 2.4 comes the first publication of the French-language adaptation, the GMU 2012: Guide Facile. This French version of the ERG ebook is now available on for an introductory price of $0.99.

For a Limited Time, Get the English or Spanish Version for $0.99

Best of all, the ERG2012: Quick Lookup and the GRE2012: Guía de Referencia Rápida are also reduced to 99 cents until August 19th, 2013. We’re undercutting the competitor’s ebook by a whole nine bucks in doing this. Now is a great time to try our family of ERG ebooks and see for yourself why they beat the government’s PDF!


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ERG 2012: QL Version 2.3 Released

Our ERG 2012: Quick Lookup ebook version 2.3 is live at Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Notable changes in this release include improved formatting for Tables 2 & 3. Check out the before and afters below!

The OLD Table 2:

Table2OLDThe NEW Table 2: 


The OLD Table 3:


The NEW Table 3:


Version 2.3 also saw the first release of the Spanish-language edition, the GRE2012: Guía de Referencia Rápida.

If you already own the ERG 2012: QL, you may need to prompt your reading app for updates. Check for “Version 2.3″ in the “How to Use This Ebook” section.

ERG 2012: QL Recent Version History

  • Version 2.2 — Reformatted Table 3 to make it more usable in the field.
  • Version 2.3 — Initial release of the GRE 2012 (Spanish). Reformatted Table 2. Improved the How To Use section.


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First Spanish Edition Published (Guía de Respuesta 2012)

The GRE 2012: Guía de Referencia Rápida ebook is available on Amazon

Guía de Respuesta (ERG Spanish)

We’re proud today to release the first Spanish edition of our ERG 2012: Quick Lookup ebook. The GRE 2012: Guía de Referencia Rápida adapts the Guía de Respuesta en Caso de Emergencia to ebook format in order to make it portable on almost any mobile device or laptop.

The ebook reproduces not only the data of the DOT/PHMSA publication, but the look and feel. This format allows a number of features particular to ebooks such as a color-coded and hyperlinked table of contents and the ability to search the entire document. These features make it quick and easy to access the data you need.

This is a fast and accurate edition of the Guía de Respuesta a Emergencias, able to travel with you on tablet, phone, or e-reader. The GRE2012: Guía de Referencia Rápida is on sale at Amazon for $3.99.

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Easy Fire Weather on Phone or Tablet, A How-To

We had a bit of a family reunion a couple of weeks ago at the National Association of Rocketry’s National Sport Launch, held this year in Pueblo, Colorado.  Launches large and small are held all over the country; if you ever get a chance to attend, I encourage it.  To paraphrase one of the t-shirts I saw,  “It’s science.  It’s just very loud and fun science.”

NAR emphasizes safety at every turn.  As part of the safety precautions, local volunteer firefighters and EMTs  from the Beulah Fire Protection and Ambulance District were on site all weekend.  I took the opportunity to go over to their rig and ask a few questions about the district and the types of technology the volunteers are using.

In the course of that conversation, Chief Bryan Ware, mentioned that he definitely uses his iPhone for accessing the web.  But he finds that some webpages, such as the National Weather Service zone forecasts, take an awful lot of clicks to get to.  He suggested we might want to build an app for that.  But, as I got thinking about it on the drive home, I realized there is already a solution:  homepage links.  They look and act a lot like apps but you can create them for yourself for any webpage you want to access on a regular basis.

Bret was kind enough to do the detailed research on how to create these links for zone forecasts — instructions below.  But there’s no magic to the NWS site; you can use this technique for any web page you access frequently. Continue reading

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Now on Barnes & Noble (Also: Kindle Ver. Updated!)

Our handy ebook adaptation of the Emergency Response Guidebook 2012 is now available in the versatile epub format from Barnes & Noble. Ideal for Nook devices, the epub format is also compatible with a wide array of ebook readers (including iBooks). The new version has all of the features of our established Kindle edition including color-coding, a clickable table of contents, and intuitive formatting that closely follows the official ERG. Also, as with our Kindle version, official Department of Transportation corrections (as of April 2013) have been integrated into the text.

At the same time we have made a correction to Table 3 of the Kindle version, fixing the text describing windspeed ranges. If you own the Kindle version and did not receive an update notification from Amazon, you may visit the “Manage your Kindle” section in “Your Account” to resend the ebook to your device.

Revision History:
- Version 1.0 — Initial release of Kindle version
- Version 1.1 — Added missing sections: Intro to Green Tables and the How To section for each table
- Version 1.2 — Incorporated DOT and other corrections
- Version 2.0 — Made many formatting improvements, including the consolidation of the unnumbered placards pages into one section, making it more intuitive and more similar to the physical ERG.
- Version 2.1 — Initial release of the epub (Nook) version. Corrected the windspeed labels in Table 3.

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ERG 2012 PDF: Free Enhanced Version

The enhanced version contains official PHMSA corrections and a hyperlinked table of contents. Details below.

Use this form to request your free copy, which we send by automated email. Emails are sent hourly, and the sender will appear as Sheridan Programmers Guild. Thanks!

erg pdf, erg 2012 pdf

In developing our ebook editions of the Emergency Response Guidebook, we’ve spent a lot of time working with the official ERG pdf that is downloadable from PHMSA. While we have taken the time to integrate the Department of Transportation’s corrections list into our ebooks, we have wondered why the ERG 2012 pdf from PHMSA doesn’t include them, at least as an appendix. So we decided to combine the contents of the official ERG2012 with the official corrections list and offer the result as a complementary download.

Since that much was easy enough to accomplish, we decided to also include an active table of contents like the one employed in our Kindle and epub editions, so that a person can click on a section title and go right to it rather than scrolling down page-by-page through the hefty volume hoping and praying to land on the page you’re looking for. It doesn’t have all of the features of our ebooks, but as far as I know this is the only pdf version of the Guidebook to include the corrections list and a hyperlinked table of contents.

*We respect your privacy and will never sell or share your information with a third party. See our privacy policy. You may also receive occasional news and promotional offers by email regarding PlacardApp/ERG products. Such mailings are infrequent, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Ebook 2.0 — Improved organization for Kindle

ERG 2012: Quick Lookup coverAs we’ve been working on the upcoming epub version (for Nook and many other readers) and Spanish/French editions, we’ve made many small and large improvements in the document formatting.   Version 2.0 was added to the Kindle Store this afternoon and should become available shortly.

If you have already purchased the previous edition and you did not receive a notification from Amazon with the option of updating your copy, you may go to the “Manage Your Kindle” section of your Amazon account page to find the option to update.

Here is a list of specific changes for this version:

  • Consolidated the three unnumbered placard sections (placards without UN numbers, rail cars, and road trailers) into a single section with improved navigation links. We also made it easier to get to the appropriate guide once the correct image is selected.
  • Fixed a formatting issue with the Blue section where some entries were in a different order than others.
  • Improved the Table 2 footer formatting and added links from the Table 2 gas formulae direct to the footer translations.
  • Changed the initial index to the Blue Pages to take up less space.
  • Made lot of small technical corrections to improve the ebook generation process and pave the way for the epub and French/Spanish editions, coming soon!
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New Edition of our ERG 2012: Quick Lookup for Kindle Released

ERG 2012: Quick Lookup coverWe’ve brought our popular ebook version of the Emergency Response Guidebook up to date by integrating the official corrections published by the DOT into the text in order to offer the most accurate edition possible. Our version 1.2 was added to the Kindle Store this afternoon and should become available shortly.

If you have already purchased the previous edition and you did not receive a notification from Amazon with the option of updating your copy, you may go to the “Manage Your Kindle” section of your Amazon account page to find the option to update.

Here is a list of specific changes for version 1.2. (Official errata are marked PHMSA.)

BLEVE Section:

  • Fixed the waterflow calculation (PHMSA).

  • Changed to the new, correct table images (PHMSA).

  • Some minor formatting improvements.

Fire and Spill Control Section:

  • Applied the fix for propylene (now UN1077) (PHMSA).


  • Fixed some minor typos with registered trademark symbols, etc.

  • Fixed several small formatting issues in the Criminal/Terrorist Use of Chemical/Biological/Radiological Agents section.

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Truckers, Ever Lose a Hazmat Load Due to Shipper Error?

Not legit.

Seems legit.

We’ve received a question from a driver who had lost not one but two loads recently due to improper hazmat labeling by the shipper. He asked whether we might be interested in developing a mobile solution for classifying hazardous materials and printing regulation labels on the spot.

We’re still working through that request. It’s a big leap from our quick reference versions of the ERG2012 for Android and for Kindle to building a tool for classifying and labeling shipments, or even just a tool for letting someone assemble and print a placard image from a template and the right UN number.

But, while we’ve been looking into the issue, we’ve done some research and found a few tools out there already that might help a driver help his shipper get the labeling right. As long as we’ve done that much work, we figure we might as well share it. Continue reading

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